2019 Trends in Home Decor
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Published on July 15, 2019

2019 Trends in Home Decor

Think décor doesn’t matter in your home’s resale value?

Then we have a number for you:

$113 billion.

That’s the size of the furnishing industry in the U.S.—alone.

Appearances might not be everything, but when they come to boosting the comfort and value of your home, your décor matters. A lot.

Your décor not only says a lot about the value of your home, but if you’re staging a home, it helps set the tone for how the home will sell.

A couple that wants to have children needs to be able to see raising a family in your home, even if you didn’t.

A buyer that wants a home office should be able to see where a home office might fit.

But most of all, the décor should convey a strong sense of value: that this is a well-built home that’s going to be fun to live in.

To do that, capitalize on the latest home décor trends and ensure that you don’t lose out to a trendier design somewhere else:

Trend #1: Natural Textiles, Not Outrageous Patterns

The chic modern look requires some degree of minimalism. A shaggy carpet will look dated next to natural hardwood flooring.

The same is true when it comes to textiles. According to interior designer Liz Caan: “I suggest using wools, cotton, linen, alpaca, or leather in your design scheme.”

Trend #2: Patterned Backsplashes

One of the most important rooms in the entire home—when it comes to resale value—is the kitchen. And one of the first things potential buyers notice about the kitchen? The backsplash.

These days, bold and patterned backsplashes tend to highlight the quality of your counters and shelving. This is an especially shrewd choice if you want to highlight a kitchen remodeling effort, such as new countertops.

Trend #3: Wood Floors

Wood floors may not be a “trend” per se—but you’d be surprised. They’re definitely “in,” especially when it comes to the lighter colors. Many times, new buyers looking to renovate a home may simply tear up the carpeting anyway. Having natural wood flooring can be a great way to give your home a head start over the competition.

Of course, these aren’t the only trends you need to be aware of. You’ll also want to note what’s not working in 2019 home décor, and how doing these things can actually make your home seem less valuable to potential buyers:

  • GoBankingRates.com mentions “lavish lighting fixtures” as a sure way to turn off potential home buyers. This illustrates a key point: just because something is expensive doesn’t always mean that it will add resale value to the home.

  • Wallpaper. People often view wallpaper as a potential pain. For example, if they want to repaint your spare bedroom and make it appropriate for a children’s playroom, they’ll likely see outdated wallpaper as a more expensive and time-consuming obstacle than it really is.

Stick to the trends, keep it simple, and you’ll be able to invest in home décor that makes home staging a breeze, especially as autumn and winter roll through 2019.


Home resale value isn’t all about the structure of your house. It’s also about how it feels to potential buyers. And “feeling” is a powerful industry, with furniture and furnishing combining to provide over $100 billion in economic activity every year.

There’s just one question: what’s the home décor that makes your home “feel” like a must-buy in 2019? We look at some of the latest trends.

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